Bubble Breaker is a unique game where you must select a color group of bubbles on a grid and click to destroy them. The more bubbles you destroy with a single click, the higher your score will be. Unlike the other bubble games, Bubble Breaker involves more deep thinking and strategy instead of fast paced action. The game tells you how much each click will be worth to you so it helps you plan accordingly and since you aren't penalized for taking too much time, you might as well find the best move possible on every turn. Normally, this will involve selecting the largest group of colored bubbles but sometimes it also means that you'll have to use your current move to setup your next move for a big score. For example, if you see two small groups of blue bubbles with a few green ones in between, you might want to eliminate the green first so you can hit all the blue ones in one shot. Additionally, there is also a "Booming Game" that places bombs in the grid with the bubbles. You can't click the bombs directly but the game will highlight them if they are to be part of your current move.
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