Bubble Bobble is a very simple yet addictive game where you are a dragon who must engulf the evil robot enemies inside of bubbles. After you do this, the enemies will float in their respective bubbles to the top of the current stage. You then must climb up the stage and pop them to fully defeat the enemy. After defeating an enemy, they normally drop iced cream or fruit that you can gather for extra points. If you don't pop the enemies bubble right away, they will come back as a faster, more vicious red enemy that will be very tough to eliminate. Clear the stage of all the enemies to move on to the next level. After clearing a stage of all enemies and popping all their bubbles, you will be rewarded with bonus fruits (worth points) and will have a short period of time to grab them before being whisked away to the next stage. There are a TON of stages in Bubble Bobble so be prepared for a long arduous journey.
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